Dr. Marquia Whitehead: No Limits

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by Jessica Mosley

Marquia Whitehead knows all too well the meaning of being courageous. Having to face many obstacles as a young woman, her determination and perseverance is an inspiration to many young women pursuing their dreams. She has proven over and over that the sky’s the limit when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Marquia wears many hats – she is a college instructor, owner of Miss Educated, a writing and grammar coaching website, and an amazing mother to a handsome young boy.

Marquia’s courageous attitude is arguably what has shaped her to becoming the outstanding and inspiring woman she is today. We here at Courageous Woman Magazine were excited to have the opportunity to ask Marquia a few questions about what she feels it means to be a Courageous Woman.

CW: What do you have your doctorate in?
Dr. Whitehead:
My doctorate is in Education with a concentration of Educational Leadership. I’m specifically concentrating on higher education.

Marquia Whitehead 2CW: Why did you go down that path?
Dr. Whitehead:
Actually, it kind of happened. I graduated with my undergrad in Mass Communication and Marketing. But my first ‘big girl job’ was at a community college. From there my career just blossomed and I just felt that is where I needed to be.

CW: Tell me about a time that you had to be courageous.
Dr. Whitehead:
There’s so many! One for instance, well one big one in my life, is being seventeen and pregnant. I just had to realize that this wasn’t a time for me to cry and just ball up and not do anything. I had to put on my big girl shoes and my big girl panties like the old people say! I had to be courageous because life wasn’t just about me anymore. I was like, “yes, this is my courageous moment” and I had to go from here.

CW Tell me about a time where you wanted to give up.
Dr. Whitehead
: Applying to for my doctoral degree. You know how they say you have the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other? I kept hearing that you’re not good enough to pursue that. For a second, I almost listened. I almost gave up on my dreams and my pursuits just because I was listening to what the enemy. It was a time I just had to block it out. They either can tell you ‘yeah, you’re getting in’ or ‘no, you’re not’. They can’t tell my anything else! They can either tell me yes or no.

CW: What would you tell someone who wants to give up?
Dr. Whitehead:
What God has for you is for you. If you really want it, then put forth the work to obtain your greatness.

Want to know more about Dr. Marquia Whitehead? Connect with her on
Facebook: Marquia Whitehead, or visit The Miss Educated website, http://www.themisseducated.com/.
Jessica Mosley is a woman of many talents—publisher, author,PR Consultant—but the ones that make her most proud are wife and mother. Connect with her on Facebook: Jessica Mosley; Instagram: jessicaellemosley.

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