Dr. Sharon H. Porter: From School Principal to Successful Book Coach

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Dr. Sharon H. Porter is originally from North Carolina but has resided in the Washington, D.C. metro area for over 20 years. She is the CEO of Perfect Time SHP LLC; which is a coaching and consulting firm that focuses on leadership, development and book coaching. She is also the founder of the G.R.I.N.D. Entrepreneur Network, and creator and host of Write the Book Now Interview and Podcast Show.  Courageous Woman Magazine had the opportunity to catch up with Dr. Sharon H. Porter. She is truly a breath of fresh air.


CW: Dr. Sharon H. Porter, tell us about yourself and the doctorate that you possess?

Dr. Sharon H. Porter: I am a full-time educator. I am a former teacher, former assistant principal and former principal of two school districts in North Carolina and one in Maryland. Although I am from North Carolina, the D.C area has been home for me for over 20 years. I had the opportunity to pursue my doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Howard University. That experience was both special and intentional for me.

CW: What makes you a Courageous Woman?

Dr. Sharon H. Porter: Well, that would pertain to my doctoral journey that began at Walden University. I started their program in 2006, but was unable to finish because my father passed away. To assist my mother, I moved back to North Carolina. At that time, I had enough credits to obtain an Education Specialist degree but hadn’t completed my dissertation.

Four years later, I was given the opportunity to enroll in Howard University’s Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) program. But, I struggled with whether I wanted to do it all over again. Getting a Doctorate requires a lot of work. It requires that one be disciplined with their time. I pushed through the fear and self-doubt and started over. That’s where the courageousness came in for me. I did it afraid.

CW: What advice would you give someone that wants to give up?

Dr. Sharon H. Porter: Check your circle. If you don’t have that support system around you, you need another circle.


Dr. Sharon H. Porter has definitely let us know that starting over can be oh so beautiful! And that the real power comes when one learns to do it afraid!

Dr. Sharon H. Porter is the author of “The Power of Networking: How to Achieve Success with Business Networking”, “Next in Line to Lead Book: The Voice of the Assistant Principal” and the

This article was featured in the CW August issue. Click to see the full issue.

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