Dr. Yolanda Jerry Shares 5 Steps To Free Yourself From An Abusive Relationship


 Dr. Yolanda Jerry is no longer a victim of domestic violence, she is a victor.

She is a retired Air Force veteran, speaker, author, life coach, and entrepreneur, and Founder/CEO of YJ Empowerment Solutions, LLC. Dr. Jerry is an advocate who coaches, inspires, and empowers victims/survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and youth bullying. She shares her story with audiences around the world. We spoke with her about the steps women can take to free themselves from an abusive relationship.


  1. Call 911 immediately if you are being abused. Save the phone numbers for the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), a local DV shelter, and someone you can trust to assist you in this situation. 


  1. Create a safe word or phrase. This will be a word or phrase only the family, friend, co-worker, etc., will recognize when you are in a violent or emergency situation.


  1. Download a safety App. This will alert those in your immediate circle. “Circulo” is a good one.


  1. Have an escape plan. Know all exits of your home or if in another place, search all exit doors or windows in case you need to utilize them.


  1. Once you have escaped the abusive relationship, seek therapy, join support groups, and stay in communication with trusted family and friends to help you keep moving forward and help you along your healing journey. Remember you are not alone and YOU MATTER!




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