Elder Nicole S. Mason: Let Go and LIVE!

Let Go and LIVE!
by Elder Nicole S. Mason

The New Year is always a great opportunity to reflect on what has transpired in our lives. For many, the spirit of unforgiveness has taken up residence. The sad reality is many have even forgotten the exact circumstances that led to the unforgiveness in the first place. They remember “their” version of the situation that justifies and affirms their feelings. This is not an uncommon response to hurtful situations, but unforgiveness harms the person harboring the emotion and not the target of the unforgiveness.

As we enter this New Year, be intentional about forgiving those that have hurt you and make a conscious decision to Let Go and LIVE! Harboring unforgiveness holds you hostage, because the events of the situation are rehearsed over and over. Rehearsing the situation leaves little time and even less mental space to ponder on anything else. Here are a few recommendations on how to let go:

Think about those you have hurt over the course of your life. I know, that’s hard to imagine, right? But, we have all hurt somebody. We all need forgiveness just as much as we need to extend forgiveness.

Think on the positive things happening in your life. Even in the overwhelming feeling of unforgiveness, there is something positive to focus on. We must be intentional about thinking on those things that are good. If nothing more, you are still alive.

Think about the promises of God available to you. We must actively engage in the promises of God available to us. We can’t harbor unforgiveness and live our best life. Release the weight of unforgiveness and LIVE!

The New Year has much in store for you. Set your mind to Let Go and LIVE! Make this year your best your ever!

Elder Nicole S. Mason is a Success Strategist helping women to create success on their own terms.


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