Google’s New Requirements for Ranking Websites

by Zhe Scott, The SEO Queen

In May 2021 Google rolled out new algorithm factors for ranking websites called Core Web Vitals. These factors are all about the user experience and speed with which website elements load. Google is in the business of selling website traffic, and this is a major move to improve the quality of the google search experience through this roll out. 

According to Google, Core Web Vitals consists of 3 metrics: 

LCP (largest contentful paint):  The amount of time to render the largest content element visible in the viewport, from when the user requests the URL.

FID (first input delay): The time from when a user first interacts with your page (when they clicked a link, tapped on a button, and so on) to the time when the browser responds to that interaction.

CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift): CLS measures the sum total of all individual layout shift scores for every unexpected layout shift that occurs during the entire lifespan of the page.

Verify your website in Google’s Search Console to get feedback directly from Google about what to improve on your website. In addition you can also use Page Insights to understand how fast your website’s speed is on both mobile and desktop.  You can then make the changes to your website to improve its speed, like implementing webp image standard for your images, minifying your css and javascript, and making sure that you are using a server with the latest versions of php with the fastest processing speed and memory. It is absolutely critical that you speed up your website’s load time as much as you can. A fast loading website will deliver an amazing experience to your website visitors and stay in compliance with Google’s search algorithm so that you can be ranked as high as possible. If you want to learn more, please feel free to email me directly at


Zhe Scott, CEO and founder of The SEO Queen

Zhe Scott is passionate about helping black and woman owned businesses get more clients and revenue without paying for advertising through the power of search engine optimization and website design.

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