How Does Crowdfunding Work: Dr. Letitia Wright

Dr. Letitia Wright
Top 100 Crowdfunding Expert
Helping Entrepreneurs Fund Their Projects

“I wanted people to understand the concept of crowd-funding so that if their projects were at a stand-still they could move forward with money from their own tribe and not rely on banks or other sources they need to get approval from. Crowd-funding allows you to go directly to consumers.”

What kind of businesses can use a crowd-funding model? All types of businesses can use Crowd-funding, from service-based businesses to digital to online businesses. The key to success is having a full understanding and know the different types of crowding-funding and which one is best for your business.

There are 6 Types of Crowd-funding
1. CHARITIES – Funding for organizations and events
2. NON-PROFITS – Specific funding strategies for non-profit organizations
3. SELLING SHARES – Selling shares for your company. There is Crowdfunding CF, Regulation A, and Regulation D
4. PRE-SALES – Fundraising websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter
5. SUBSCRIPTIONS – long-term commitment-based giving, like old time fundraisers we used to see on television
6. LOANS -Loans have to be paid back but you can create your own terms

Benefits of Crowd-funding
The greatest benefits of Crowd-funding is the ability to turn your customers into investors and you don’t have to beg people to help you via “Word-of-mouth”. They will naturally tell other people who are a good match because it’s good for them.
Are you ready to bring money into your business?

Dr. Letitia Wright is a physician who had a hard time starting her medical practice and decided to start a TV show hoping that would help her promote her practice. Her TV Show, “The Healthier You.” Allowed her to book her friends and colleagues. She learned a lot about business and decided to develop a second TV show, “The Wright Place.” It focused on business and celebrity business experts including Stedman Graham and Mark Victor Hansen. Within 3 years the show was in the black, attracting major sponsors and making money. However, in 2008, the market was tensed, and money was tight for many businesses. Dr. Wright came across Crowd-funding, the practice of funding a project or cause by raising money from a large number of people and peer groups, typically through the Internet. Dr.Letitia Wright believed it was a great opportunity for businesses to raise the money they needed for their business or project.

“Women don’t get as much money because we don’t ask for as much money as men do. We don’t ask for the big bucks or move forward like men do”

If you’re business or project is stuck due to a lack of funds, get out the “stuck zone!” Let Dr. Letitta Wright guide you through the path of raising capital for your business through Crowd-funding. Maximize this opportunity to GET THE MONEY YOU NEED.
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