How to Ease the Burden of Taking Multiple Medications by Dr. Leslie Hodge

By Dr. Leslie Hodge

Every year the number of individuals who take multiple medications, increases from the previous year

The treatment for chronic or multiple conditions, such as hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, high cholesterol and depression often require care from several doctors (healthcare providers), adjustments to one’s existing medication regimen can cause feelings of overwhelm, frustration and confusion.

When multiple medications – prescription, over-the-counter or supplements are used, experiencing side effects, drug interactions, food interactions and other complications become more prevalent.  One way to help ease the burden of taking multiple medications is medication therapy management.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) educates, engages and empowers individuals to take an active role in their health and the proper management of their medications.  Through medication therapy management, individuals gain knowledge and develop understanding, such as:

-What each medication is used for

-Why each medication is being prescribed

-When to take each medication

-What foods to avoid

-What side effects to expect

Whenever there is a change in healthcare providers, or a new medication is added to the existing medication regimen, taking time to have a consultation with a pharmacist, can help reduce the risks for medication duplications, omissions, and potential drug interactions.


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As a pharmacist, entrepreneur, speaker, author and certified coach, Dr. Leslie Hodge creatively paired her passion for people with her commitment to be a resource for patients and families to better manage their medications and improve their health, when she founded Scripts & Beyond, LLC. The company’s slogan, A Pharmacist Focused On YOU™, defines the personalized medication therapy management experience provided by pharmacists, who use their clinical expertise to review the current medication regimen, recommend medication alternatives and lifestyle changes, and create a plan to achieve optimal health outcomes, for each patient or client who wants guidance on their journey to wellness.

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