Jeanette Abney: Top 25 Women in Business

Meet Jeanette Abney. One of Courageous Woman’s  Top 25 Women in Business

Jeanette Abney is a woman striving to make a difference in the lives of others.

Her Business

They are out-patient counseling centers. I provide individual, family, and couples counseling to address a variety of life-challenging, relational, and mental health concerns. I also host Precious Predicaments Blog Talk Radio.

Her Motivation
I began my company as an effort to help my daughter. I wanted her to have what I did not have as a child. JA Precious Inc. was developed in honor of my mother who passed away of breast cancer in 2008. I transitioned to Blog Talk Radio as Precious was her nickname.

Her Challenges
I have endured several challenges. I was terminated in 2005. I experienced professional jealousy, discrimination, and financial hardship. I also endured health problems and unfair treatment.

Her Inspiration
I have a desire to help those who feel that they do not have a voice. My inspiration includes my mother Jean Brooks; grandmothers Rosie Sistrunk and Will Ella Brooks; and my two mentors Sarah Porters and Zettie Mae Harvest—all have passed. Currently, additional inspiration comes from my daughter La Tisha Abney; friends Lisa Romain, June Parks, Keith Young, Xavier Little, Symantha Evans; and my church family. They keep me balanced. There were others that believed in me when I had no idea of what I was capable of doing.

Her Hope

The ability for people to connect with a therapist to assist with their mental health and interpersonal issues.

What’s your definition of a courageous woman?

A courageous woman is a woman who is powerful and fearless. She is humble yet secure. She is willing to take risks despite obstacles.

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