Kearn Crockett Cherry: Turning Connections into Major Collaborations

By Ashley Little

Kearn Crockett Cherry is a speaker, coach, entrepreneur, master connector and collaborator. Some of her speaking topics are “How to Put Butts in the Seats” “How to Get Sponsorship Dollars” and Turning Connections into Major Collaborations”. I am also a mother of three successful adult children and grandmother. My son is a business owner and I have one daughter who is a medical doctor and one daughter who is a dentist.

You are the Co-Founder and Director of Success Women’s Conference. Please tell us more about the Conference.

This year’s conference will be held Sept 19-21, 2019 at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum’s Convention Center. My partner, Dorothy Wilson and I started Success in 2015. It has been sold out every year. Last year we had almost 1,100 people, we have more than that registered now.

This year’s event keynotes are Iyanla Vanzant, Gloria Mayfield Banks and Deborah Gardner with many other featured speakers. In total, we will have over 100 speakers and panelists. We will have breakout sessions, grow labs, and a youth summit. Our Success Expo will have Influencer, Tabitha Brown, cooking demo, breakout hubs, fashion show and more. Success Women’s Conference at

You are very passionate about connecting people and helping them get to the next level. Please tell us more about your passion.

I am a Master Collaborator. I believe that networking opens so many doors, but you must go through the door. People often ask what’s the most important thing in business. My reply is – “Networking, Networking, Networking!”

You focus on networking and connecting women. Give 3 ways to turn connections into major collaborations?

         1. Connecting is all about building relationships.

    In order to do this, you must invest some time. The first step in building a relationship is following up on that initial connection. One of the things that I have used to follow is discovery calls. I started doing this with my LinkedIn contacts and it’s extremely effective. Follow up.

  1. 2. When forming collaboration make sure to listen. It is a major part of developing relationships. From this, you will learn your connections are interested in being involved in. Listen to their needs which will strengthen your relationship. It could that you can assist them in joining a board that you are already involved in thus creating another form of collaboration.
  2. 3. Another way to turn your connection into collaboration is to plan a community event together. Many times, we all have ideas that we would like to do. Use your relationships to collaborate on an event. I have even worked with competitors through this process.



You are the owner of PRN Home Care. Please tell us more about your company  

PRN Home Care is a non-medical in-home care service. We provide anything from cooking, shopping, cleaning, transportation to appointments and much more. We allow caregivers to work and not worry about their loved ones.

My husband, Dennis and I both have a degree in Occupational Therapy and have run several other businesses before. That’s why I was featured twice in Essence Magazine’s “Comeback Queen” and “Make It Happen”.

As a community leader, I created other ways to serve caregivers. We created the R.I.P.E. (Resources, Information, and Planning for the Elderly) Conference, Resources Guide which had 10,000 distribution and “Unwrinkled Heart Caregivers’ Journeys”.

What is next for you?

My focus this year will be launching my coaching program on “How To Put Butts in the Seats” and my new podcast -“K Konnections”. I am also involved in a book anthology called “Never Too Late”.

How can readers connect with you?


Facebook, Instagram, YouTube: Kearn Crockett Cherry, PRN Home Care or Success Women’s Conference.

LinkedIn and Twitter: PRN Home Care.


Ashley Little is The CEO/Founder of Ashley Little Enterprises, LLC, 4X Best Selling Author, Owner and Creator of Creative Broadcasting, Co-Founder and Owner of T.A.L.K Radio & TV Network, LLP.



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