Meet Knetta Lilly, one of the 2018 TOP 25 WOMEN IN BUSINESS!

Knetta Lilly owns and operates K Lilly Interiors, a boutique residential Interior decorating firm (16 years) and a retail showroom, Savvy Home Boutique (5 years). Both are headquartered in the Atlanta metropolitan area.


Her Business

She specializes in creating unique, high-end residential and commercial spaces for ordinary people. She accomplished that by sourcing pre-owned high-end furnishings from various outlets like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, model home and estate sales. The online retail store was established as I was sourcing furnishings but didn’t always have projects to use those furnishings for. Therefore, she decided to sell the furnishings.


Her Motivation

She was motivated to start this business because most people feel as though Interior Designers are a luxury whose affordability is out-of-reach but she is able to create a custom, high-end design aesthetic by seamlessly integrating gently consigned and thrifted décor and furnishings for smaller budgets.


Her Challenges

My biggest challenge was feeling inadequate as a designer because I never had any type of formal education in design.


Her Inspiration
I doubted my abilities, but I was inspired by ordinary people who entrusted me to create extraordinary spaces for them.

Her Hope

I want people to realize that your home and office spaces can be unique and high-end and you don’t have to break the bank to achieve that look if you shop Savvy and Sensibly.

What is a Courageous Woman

A courageous woman is Brave, Fearless and Innovative.  She marches to her own Beat and people look to emulate her not vice versa.


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5 Thoughts to “Knetta Lilly: TOP 25 WOMEN IN BUSINESS!”

  1. Congratulations my sister! Keep shining. You’re a gift!

  2. Shaneisha Dodson

    Congratulations, keep shining.

  3. Congratulations Knetta Lilly! Your designs are absolutely fabulous. I love your motivation for starting your business because it is spot on. I am one of those people who feels like hiring an interior designer is out of my reach. It is so refreshing to find out that is not the case. Add to that the fact that you are right in my backyard in Atlanta and that’s a major win. I see us working together in the future to update the interior of my 13 year old home. Your Courageous is Inspirational! Keep shining.

  4. Congratulations Sista! This is awesome and that decorated room is gorgeous. Peace Love & Blessings Always.

  5. Pasha

    Wow! Her designs are gorgeous and so elegant. Love this article.

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