Last Call For Submission For The Book: What is a Courageous Woman

IMG_20170702_221011_560Would you like to be included as one our contributing authors in our upcoming collaborative book, What is a Courageous Woman? Take a moment to write it down then share your most eloquent answer to that question in our upcoming book?

Collaborative books have become a popular way to become a published author without having to stress about writing a full book by yourself. Many people would like to write a book, but can’t find the time to write and complete a book or have the money to publish it. Being part of a collaborative book is a great way to get published and make your dream of becoming a published author come true.

As a magazine and media outlet, we already have a great audience that supports our mission to encourage and empower women. That means, when you participate in our projects you will have the advantage of having a full staff of writers, editors, public relations and marketing experts on your team. So, if you’re looking for a great opportunity to expand your brand, don’t miss this chance to be part of the inspirational collaborative book.


 submit an inspiring answer in 50 words max, for the collaborative book ” What is a  Courageous Woman

We’ve received so many beautiful submissions and we’re pumped and ready to publish this book. We have a few pages we’d like to fill, so we’re opening this final call for submissions. The deadline has been extended to MONDAY, July 31, 2017.

Please submit your entry below.

Please start your entry with, A courageous woman is…..

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