Megan Davis Aderele: Fear Cannot Live Here

by Danyette Smith¶

A woman who has identified that fear can lay in different forms in life and how we should face them, Megan Davis Aderele stands boldly, exposing how you must identify your fears and press forward with courage against the fear that can hold you back.¶

CW: Tell us who Megan is at her core. ¶

Megan Davis Aderele: By trade, I am an empowerment coach and business strategist. At my core, I am a natural born strategist.¶

CW: Why do you feel like it was your calling to market towards women?¶

Megan Davis Aderele: My first memory was at the age of 5. One of the biggest things I can remember about my family’s business is that customers were amazed at me knowing the process of business. Women would come to me, asking various questions, or asking for advice. Fast forward, I also found that in Corporate America, there weren’t many women of color with mentors to help take their careers to another level. So, I made it my goal to reach back and offer the mentorship I never had.¶

CW: What makes you courageous?¶

Megan Davis Aderele: My resiliency has made me courageous. Most people don’t know at that the age of 12, I lost both of my parents unexpectedly. They passed away seven weeks apart for two different reasons. I feel that despite what society that life for an orphan should be, it takes courage to fight every day. It takes courage to survive, and it takes courage to sit and tell your story. ¶

CW: If you could change anything about your life, would you?¶

Megan Davis Aderele: I don’t think I would. I think that everything I went through prepared me. Even if it didn’t directly prepare me for what I accomplished, it helped me prepare for others I encounter. ¶

CW: What advice would you give to a woman that wants to give up?¶

Megan Davis Aderele: Don’t let anything hold you back. Find that courage from within, and face that fear because fear sometimes shows up in many forms,  such as laziness, procrastination, and doubt. Find out what that fear is that has been holding you back and move forward. ¶

Megan’s 5 Tips to Live a Courageous Life:¶

  1. Have a belief system, but don’t let faith or fear hold you back.¶
  2. Devote time daily to work on your mindset.¶
  3. Create “S.M.A.R.T.-er” goals for every area of your life and put them where you can see them¶
  4. Know what makes you uniquely great and walk in your divine purpose.¶
  5. You are your best investment, so invest in your purpose, your gifts, your strength, your talents, your abilities, and your craft.↓ ¶

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Connect with Megan: LinkedIn: Megan Aderele; FB and Instagram: @megandaderele  or @TheAdituAgency; or her FREE FB Group: Empowering ME.↓ ¶

Danyette Smith is an author and advocate that fights against domestic violence abuse. ↓ ¶

Featured in The September 2017 issue of Courageous Woman Magazine The #1 online magazine for women

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