Melanie Phillips’ Life Lessons

Melani PhillipsMelanie Phillips’ Life Lessons

by Jessica Mosley


Melanie Phillips is a woman that has defied the odds. She is a woman that has been handed one heck of a hand and won! She is the true definition of no matter what, you can make it! Listen in as we chat about her path to becoming a Courageous Woman.


CW: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Melanie Phillips: Well, I am the author and creator of The Mouth of Babes, a series where I speak for the youth, because often parents and adults believe that youth are resilient. They are not. They go through a lot of things in life and many times their voices are silent. What I do is speak for the youth. I basically talk about what they go through in their household and in the community. I founded an organization called “Strengthen the Bond” that offers mothers and daughters an opportunity to bond, connect, grow, and celebrate each other. Regardless if they have a good relationship or if their relationship is strained or broken. We all can stand for our relationships to be strengthened. I am also the owner and operator of Divine Hair & Extensions Salon in Milwaukee, WI.

CW:  What makes you a Courageous woman?

Melanie Phillips: I went through the death of my marriage. After being married for two and a half decades, my husband just wanted a divorce. Going through the death of my marriage was so devastating. I feel like my faith is being tested. So I’m like, “God, I need You! I need You now! I need for you to tell me why my marriage is ending! What is going on?” And then I heard God say, “Don’t worry about him. I need to work on you.” So my faith was constantly being tested.

MelaniCW: Wow. I love that. Let me ask you a question. Out of everything that you went through, what did you learn the most?

Melanie Phillips: I learned that regardless of whatever we go through in life, whether it’s a devastation of marriage, whether you lose your job, your house is in foreclosure, or the death of someone that you love, you need to swim instead of sink.

CW: I really love your transparency, Melanie. Sometimes, the death of a thing is really the life of another thing.  What would you tell someone that wants to give up?

Melanie Phillips:  I would tell them they can’t. I would tell them to trust, to fly high, you know, and it’s okay to question God. We are questioning Him for understanding. We’re not questioning Him because we think we know it all.  We need understanding and it’s OK to question Him.

To know Melanie is to love Melanie. She is truly a woman after God’s own heart.

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Melanie Phillips is an entrepreneur, author, mother, grandmother, and a woman of faith who has a double major in Business Administration/Business Management. In addition, she holds an MBA. Phillips is also a member of the National Association of Professional Women, a Licensed Cosmetologist, and she owns Dvine Hair and Extensions Salon in Milwaukee, WI. It took Phillips to go through the death of a marriage for the scales to fall off her eyes and to her surprise. Phillips is an inspirational writer that focuses on families, especially the youth.

Jessica Mosley is a woman of many talents—publisher, author, PR Consultant—but the ones that make her most proud are wife and mother. Connect with her on Facebook: Jessica Mosley; Instagram: jessicaellemosley.

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