Melissa Wyatt Builds Generational Wealth through Real Estate

A Courageous Woman is a woman who stands for what she loves and works hard to live a life of integrity and fulfillment.

Entrepreneur Melissa Wyatt is one such woman; she’s an African American woman who is an owner and developer bringing change to underserved and underrepresented communities.

Since a young age, Melissa Wyatt has been an advocate for the marginalized and worked to strengthen her community. As an innovator and forward thinker, Ms. Wyatt has created numerous businesses over the past two decades, including a multi-state tutoring company for school-aged children, a nonprofit serving South Los Angeles, and a diverse real estate business. In 2011, Wyatt started MW Enterprises, LLC, (MWE LLC) a privately managed and diversified real estate company based in Los Angeles, California, with a focus on acquisition, management.

Since the company’s inception, MW Enterprises, LLC has built a $7MM+ portfolio consisting of residential, commercial and multifamily properties.  Wyatt is deeply involved in all aspects of deal sourcing, structuring, and development programming.  Her passion and expertise have positioned her as a heavily sought after as a speaker and coach in real estate investment and acquisition, as well as development and property management.

Here are a few of her thoughts for women who wish to get started in real estate investment: 

Originally, I invested in the stock market. I was getting discouraged as I didn’t own enough shares to make a difference. After researching, I realized that the top 1% made their money through real estate investment. I read every book I could get my hands on and studied for one year before deciding to dive in. I felt like it was the vehicle that could help me build generational wealth for my family for generations to come. It was also a way for me to get my family involved in and appreciating the accumulation of real estate for wealth. Additionally, we are able to invest and transform communities by adding value to undervalue assets.


Real estate is truly a family affair. My son helps to create all sustainable (reduce, reuse and recycle) projects for our sites, my nieces and nephew help with decorating and picking paint colors, and my mother helps with the property management. Everybody has a hand with demo. This allows my family to appreciate and see the value that real estate can have.


Investment properties are where we thrive.  As a buy and hold investor, I buy investment properties (residential, commercial, small office, land, etc.) and hold for wealth accumulation. Real estate is not about becoming rich quickly; it’s about gradual growth through patience, the deal and just being in the game. The beauty of real estate is that there are lots of people involved in real estate and not one person does it the same way. I read something recently that said “The rich get richer due to cash flow. Never have to sell, just buy the asset class that is lacking and move on. Best holding time is forever,” and that is the truth. Martin Luther King Jr., stated that faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase. That’s what you have to do sometimes when you are investing in real estate. Good deals don’t last long, and it’s important to establish and maintain good relationships with realtors, brokers, financiers, contractors, and others if you want to stay in the game.


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