Minister Shearese N. Stapleton: Educating Mother’s


Minister Shearese N. Stapleton is a native of Flint, Michigan; Who has had the pleasure of mothering three amazing young adults. Minister Stapleton has worked with Families for over 25 years, from running a Group childcare to becoming a preschool teacher, Family engagement Coordinator, and now the Minister of Family Development for Calvary United Methodist Church Flint.  Minister Stapleton has overcome being born 2lb 3oz and the setbacks from being divorced and homeless, which has fueled her desire to train women to embrace the joy of motherhood! Min. Shearese Became ACE’s trained and advocate for Trauma-informed parenting, group coaching, other training related to cultivating healthy parent-child relationships. Through her “Ministry of Motherhood,” and Love & Logic” programs and MJU. 

Minister. Shearese also runs Mercy House, Wellspring Lutheran Service, Franklin Ave Mission, Flint.

Tell us about your business


Mothers of Joy University, LLC was established in 2016 by founder and Executive Director Shearese Stapleton. This organization was designed to provide programs to help families to embrace the parenting journey. The way this has been accomplished is by becoming aware of the needs of parents and the stressors that can come with the job of nurturing children affected by the Water Crisis and now COVID-19. Several studies have shown that some children living in poverty have lower cognitive and academic readiness. And due to traumatic situations, Children score low on cognitive measures of development. MJU, LLC has adopted a Trauma-informed approach to parenting, called Trauma-informed parenting practice (T.I.P.P).


Have you published any books? 

Books are in the making, “Restoring the family Village” Curriculum

Children’s book series, “The Amazing Adventures of sprinkle Joy”


In what ways does your business support women?

The way Mothers of Joy University, LLC supports women is by teaching them to embrace the past, helping Parents to understand by learning a different way of discipline and love, gives their children a chance to have a positive future.


What motivated you to do the work you do?

Minster Stapleton’s motivation is to see a woman who once felt like she was not a good mother, be good enough.


What’s next for you?

Minister Stapleton’s next steps are to gain her degree in social work and Christian counseling. 


What is your definition of a Courageous Woman?  

A Courageous Coman is a woman who knows her worth!


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