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peachanda 3Meet Playwright, Producer and Author Peachanda DuBose. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with. As a survivor of domestic violence, rape, street life, and homelessness, she used her life experiences to fuel her passion to bring real life issues to the stage, and film. She hopes that being so transparent, in sharing her story that others will be inspired and empowered.

Peachanda’s stage production “SURRENDER” will air October 25th at 7pm EST & October 26th at 10pm EST on the Turner Pay-Per-View Online Network. To order go to

Peachanda Dubose

We spoke with Peachanda DeBose about this inspirational stage play.

CW: Tell us about the play “Surrender”
PD: The play is about a drug dealer who found redemption and a new way of life. The show also features some of Nor Carolina’s finest actors. You can read the full detailed synopsis about the play on the Turner pay per view website.

CW: Are there any lessons you hope people will take away after seeing this production?
PD: Yes, lessons I’d like the audience to take away is that our creator did not put us on this earth to live life on our own terms, and sometimes we have to encounter very hard life lessons when we don’t do it HIS way.

CW: What’s next for this production?
PD: A feature film.

Lean more about Peachanda:
Her Website
Turner Pay-Per-View

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