Sandra Chaney: Transformational Coaching with Love

Sandra ChaneyWho is Sandra Chaney?

Sandra Chaney is a Transformational Life Coach, but mot of all she is a transparent, authentic, playful, truthful, faithful and love-filled, spiritual being.

She is one of our 2017 Life Coaches of the year!

What motivated you to become a Transformation Agent/Coach?
I came to a breaking point in my life about eight years ago. I was always empowering, encouraging and uplifting others, and people started calling me a transformation agent because my words to them always evoked change. However, it was when I met myself and transformation started to take place at the core of who I am that I understood why people were calling me that. I started having my own metamorphoses and I wanted everyone I came in contact to have their own metamorphoses as well.

What are some indicators  that a person may have that could determine whether transformational coaching could be a benefit to them?

Things that were huge for me were:
1. Health issues: I would wake up tired all the time. No matter what I did (take supplements, workout, increase my water intake) I still felt tired when I woke and throughout the day. Some days were better than others. When I feel some kind of sickness or pain in my body it is an indication that I am holding on to some things that I need to release/surrender. It was time to transform my health!

2. Time: I always ran out, or at least that is how it felt. We all have said there is not enough time in the day, but there really is enough time.

3. Life balance: It seemed to elude me no matter what I attempted to do. This was huge for me because having life balance meant I had to transform my health and time—it really goes hand in hand.

4. Money: In my mind, I never had enough.

What personal challenges have you, Coach Sandra Chaney had to overcome using the process of transformation?
My biggest challenge was my mindset. It took some time to become aligned body, mind and spirit. Although I am still a work in progress, I am MUCH, MUCH better now. My mind and I have come to an understanding. LOL!!! I am all about IMPACT and that comes through having transformed my own life and sharing that journey with others.

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