SEEK, WRITE, and BELIEVE with Pastor Crystal Tolbert


with Pastor Crystal Tolbert

 Confidence Is Godly~Psalm 139.14 


Crystal Tolbert is a woman who is relevant to the call and needs of those that she was created to impact.

We had an opportunity to speak to Pastor Crystal about her work and her book. Here is what she had to say.

What is a Prophetic Scribe and how this role came into fruition?

 A Prophetic Scribe is called into the office of a prophet that God uses to release and record prophecy to come. This role was used in Biblical times that are mentioned throughout the bible and history.


“Before we can deal with anyone or anything, we must know the spirit behind the situation or the person that we are dealing with.”


What is the process of Seek, Write, and Believe? 

1.) You Must Seek the Lord First! Matthew 6:33

2.) Write the Vision! Habakkuk 2:2-3

3.) Believe the Vision!!! Mark 11:24


Tell us about a setback that you overcame

Losing my mother at the age of 13 and being an only child dealing with the Rejection spirit & The Spirit of An Orphan. Before we can deal with anyone or anything, we must know the Spirit behind the situation or the person that we are dealing with. We live in such a Spiritual world that it is Mandatory to stay in a Position of strategic prayer, fastening and depositing the word into our Spirit’s Daily.


What prompted your motivation and service to women? 

Because many lack their real purpose. They know what their gift is, but they lack to know who they are created to be Authentic. We must pray God’s identity over our lives we are God’s Masterpiece


What would you say to a woman who is at a breaking point in her life and wants to give up?


 I am so convinced now, in life that nothing is by chance only by Will, Divinely.  So, ask God to go before you in that difficult situation, that way you will make a decision that will give the results for your victory and his Glory. Also, allow God’s discernment and his grace to be upon you to handle difficult situations.

What motivated you to write the book, From The Eyes of the Prophet? 

I truly have scribed my way into seeing real manifestation of my destiny, by being Obedient to the Voice of God and writing what He has spoken! So, I genuinely wanted to teach people how to do the same thing by scribing and seeing things they desire Manifest, through being Obedient and the Principles of God.



“I don’t want a Brand, I want a Legacy!  Brands come and go but Legacy is beyond a Lifetime and it can build continued Legacy from generation to generation!!!”


What is your definition of a Courageous Woman? 

A woman that is not afraid to live in full Purpose without limitations.


How can readers connect with you?

·  Twitter: info@CoachCTolbert

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