Shop Women-Owned Businesses This Holiday

Women Business Owners!
Are you looking for additional exposure and ways to boost your sales during the holiday season?

If you’re a woman who owns a business that offers great products or services, we’d love to feature you in our Holiday Special edition, Shop Women-Owned Businesses for Christmas.

For the entire month of November, We’ll be doing shout-outs, social media posts, eblast and Live interviews, and lots of articles to tell the world about all the amazing women-owned businesses and products to buy this Christmas.
Despite all that we’ve experienced this year, women demonstrating resilience and pressing through to keep their businesses going and even launching new businesses!

YES, WE SEE YOU MOVING, PROGRESSING, AND BUILDING YOUR EMPIRE, and we want to put you in the spotlight!

At Courageous Woman, we are all about empowering women, helping you get the word out about your products, services, books, networking, and connecting women for purpose!

We’ve decided to put some extra work in for Christmas and help you tell more people about your products.

When you join this Holiday promotion, YOU’LL GET…

1 FULL-PAGE ARTICLE design layout about you and your products. You can include up to 3 photos of your products. You may submit your ready-to-print page if you like (must follow our guidelines). This will be included in our digital issue (November)

YOUR ARTICLE will also be posted at In addition to our website traffic, your article gets indexed in the search engines, giving you more searchable content when your name or business is searched on Google and other search engines. Your article link will also be shared on our social media pages.

WE HAVE OVER 10,000 SUBSCRIBERS with our newsletter and website. We’ll include your products with links in an eblast to our subscribers!

PROMO FLYER – “Shop Women-owned” promotional announcement that includes one photo of you and one Photo of your products to share on social media.

PRODUCT FLYER – 1,000 Product Flyers distributed – your product photo with website included on a flyer distributed to salons, bookstores, and other businesses.
LIVE INTERVIEW ON INSTAGRAM – who can best describe your products and services other than you? And doing it live adds the icing on the cake!

PRESS RELEASE – We’ll send out a press release with your business listed with/link, “Woman-Owned Businesses to Shop for Christmas.” It will be distributed to the media to reach more than 1,000 media outlets, newspapers, radio, and podcasts.

PRODUCTS FEATURED – in our “Hot Products” section on our new website (November 2020), Photo may have multiple products.

BLACK FRIDAY – Product featured in our “Black Friday” product eblasts

PRINT COPIES – Get two print copies of this special edition

In addition, I’m going to add two bonuses…
BONUS #1 We’ll also feature your product in our Courageous Woman December issue. That’s two issues!! You get one product photo, and website URL listed on our “Great Buys for Christmas” page (December 2020)

BONUS #2 Free Membership in our “Woman-owned” Business directory. It’s a good thing when women gather to network, share, and support each other. Being part of the “Woman-owned” Business directory gives you a “Members only” monthly newsletter, access to discounted services, classes, and events.

And one more bonus…
SUPER PLUS BONUS – to the first ten submissions, Your product photo, and website on a billboard social media banner to be posted on the home page and Facebook. Valued at $150

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