“Love Jones: The Musical” Playwright Timothy Allen Smith Debuts New Show, “Strength of This Nation” in Los Angeles

“Love Jones: The Musical” Playwright Timothy Allen Smith Debuts New Show, “Strength of This Nation” in Los Angeles

“Love Jones: The Musical” Playwright Timothy Allen Smith Debuts New Show, “Strength of This Nation” in Los Angeles“Love Jones: The Musical” writer Timothy Allen Smith Debuts New Show, “Strength of This Nation” in Los Angeles”

By Telishia Berry

Upon the huge success and national tour of “Love Jones: The Musical,” a stage adaption of the 1997 award-winning movie, writer Timothy Allen Smith is once again preparing for another highly-anticipated musical production, “Strength of this Nation.” The show is set to open in Los Angeles on September 10, 2017, at the Assistance League Theater in Hollywood.

Including “Strength of This Nation,” Timothy Allen Smith has 73 stage productions and two novels to his credit. Smith is going full-steam ahead on creating inspirational stage productions to entertain theatergoers around the country.
“Love Jones: The Musical” Playwright Timothy Allen Smith Debuts New Show, “Strength of This Nation” in Los Angeles
About The Writer
Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Timothy Allen Smith believed he had the skills to write, but hadn’t written anything since high school. His opportunity to shine came when Timothy was asked to write a play to replace another playwright’s show who had pulled out at the last minute, leaving the producers in limbo. Smith had never written a play, but took on the challenge anyway. The producers liked it, produced it, and the success of it changed Timothy’s life forever. His career in corporate America as a consultant in his own engineering company became a thing of his past. “I didn’t really like the work I was doing anyway,” he said. For Smith, the opportunity to impact people through the arts seemed like a much better deal.

Why Timothy Allen Smith Writes What He Writes
The spirit of activism is in Timothy’s blood since he spent much of his childhood alongside his parents, protesting social injustices. Those experiences speaking for the underprivileged set a tone in his life, and with time, he Strength Of This Nationadopted a more positive stance. “As I matured, my activist spirit evolved from being strictly reactive to a much more proactive mentality.” Now that he has a platform, he feels that it is very important to use it to affect change and be a part of the solutions that serve the country. After his parents divorced, he was raised by his mom with his two older sisters. With the many strong females in his family, he feels compelled to create stories that give a resilient voice to women: “It’s those strong females voices I hear in my head when I am writing.”

About “Strength of This Nation”
For Timothy Allen Smith, the focus of his message is the de-marginalization of young girls. “Women are shown at a young age that they are here for the edification of men. I feel very strongly that ‘Strength of This Nation’ is about a change in that mentality. Our girls are not being empowered to understand that they are the key to our future. We have to start uplifting and teaching them while they are young that they have not only the ability but the responsibility to lead this nation into the future. The play is a vehicle for this message.”

Strength of This NationThe Cast and The Show

Timothy Allen Smith says “Strength of This Nation” is the third of his productions that he has directed. “I wanted to direct this one myself because I know how I want the message to be conveyed.” The cast consists of very talented singers and dancers that are as passionate as he is about promoting the show’s message, along with show-stopping dance numbers and uplifting musical numbers infused with a soulful R&B and gospel feel. He believes that every audience member will be thoroughly entertained. “It’s a show the whole family can enjoy,” Smith says.

Don’t Miss It!
The show will open in Los Angeles on September 10 and will run on Sundays and Thursdays throughout the month of September at The Assistance League Theater in Hollywood and the Culver City Ivy Substation in Culver City. “Strength of This Nation” will open in Peoria, Illinois on October 28, 2017.

Writer Timothy Allen Smith Directs Strength of This NationPlaywright Timothy Allen Smith says if you love theater or have witnessed any of his other work, you’ll love this show–“It’s my best work yet!” He feels every audience member will be humming the musical tunes from this show as they exit the theater. Smith sums up the musical “Strength of This Nation” with this description: “It is the perfect story for an imperfect time.”

Don’t miss it! Get your tickets now online at www.strengthofthisnation.com

Telishia Berry is a playwright and author of the best-selling Christian fiction novel, The Baptist Junkie, the publisher of Courageous Woman Magazine, host of Courageous Woman Radio, and the mother of four amazing kids, including a son who is professional actor and singer, a daughter who is a film director, a daughter who is a professional model, and a teenaged daughter who is a high school cheerleader. Follow Telishia Berry on Facebook or Instagram @Courageous_Woman_Magazine Twitter: @TheCWMag

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