T-shirts for Authors on Sale Now


These T- shirts for authors are available now!

“I am an Author, Ask Me About My Story”

This T-shirt and a request and call to action that can be a conversation piece about your book. Order your size today!

T-shirts $25 +$7 shipping and $5 extra for sizes 2X and 3X

T-shirts + $7 Shipping Extra $5 for larger sizees

Bestseller T-shirts

Are you the author of a bestselling book? Take pride in wearing a T-shirt that tells the world your accomplishment. It’s also a conversation piece and you might just sell some books on the spot!

T-shirt +$7 shipping $5 extra for 2x & 3x

If you take pride in being a COURAGEOUS WOMAN! ORDER Your Shirt today!


Tshirt + $7 shipping $5 extra for 2X &3X

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