The Smoke Will Clear by Nicole S. Mason

The Smoke Will Clear

by Elder Nicole S. Mason, Esquire


A few weeks ago, I was out for my daily walk when a truck came over a hill smoking profusely.  I did not have a chance to turn around to avoid the smoke.  My only choice was to brave the smoke.  At the moment, I heard God say the following:


  1. Keep Calm – It was important for me to keep myself calm, as the smoke enveloped me.  We, too, have been enveloped, not just with COVID-19 but with the current unrest and turmoil in our country in direct response to the public murder of George Floyd and the other African-Americans that have been killed at the hands of the police.  It is important to keep calm so that we can hear God clearly and have clarity and focus on the next steps.
  2. Keep Yourself Steady – Since I was able to keep calm, I could hear God’s clear direction to keep myself steady.  As the smoke began to completely cover me, I planted my feet and waited for the smoke to clear.  This is the posture that we must maintain during these storms that we find ourselves in.  You must steady yourself in the Word of God and trust that God will see you through.  In fact, it is always a good idea to reflect on what God has already done to fuel your faith and harness your hope for the present and the future.
  3. Keep Going – When it was safe for me to move forward, I could hear God telling me to keep going.  Continue to use your unique set of skills to speak truth to power.  If you write, write.  If you speak, speak.  If you cook, cook.  This is the time to focus on what God has called you to do and do it.  God has afforded us with technology to do whatever we need to do, from our homes. 


Although there was some residue of the smoke, after the truck completely passed by, the smoke did clear.  And, so it is with us, the smoke will clear!  Be encouraged and know that God has everything in and under control. 

Nicole S. Mason
is a wife, mother, best-selling author, international preacher, and attorney.  She is the owner of Mason Legal Group, LLC, an Estate Planning Law Firm. 


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