Three Lesson’s Chadwick Boseman Teaches Entrepreneurs About Resilience by Nicole Roberts Jones


Hearing about Chadwick Boseman’s untimely death was shocking. Little did we know that he battled colon cancer while staring in so many great movies, plus doing many of his own stunts between countless surgeries and chemotherapy.   Thinking about how he pushed through sickness and disease,  I see lessons in resilience entrepreneurs can learn from Chadwick.  Lessons needed to have a successful revenue-generating business whether now during COVID-19 or any challenge, how to face it all with strength and dignity.


  1. Chadwick did not let fear stop him. If you want to grow your business year after year, you will need to do things outside of your comfort zone.  Business, as usual, is NEVER enough.  It’s not about who you already are, it’s about who you have not yet become.


  1. Chadwick stayed focused. The main problem I see many entrepreneurs have is that they are the “jack of all trades, the master of none”.  When you are faced with a challenge in your business you have to know ALL money is not good money.  You must FOCUS on the one group you are called to serve and stop shifting but instead be clear and uncompromising. 


  1. Chadwick was committed to his craft and ultimately to be a successful business owner it boils down to are you interested or committed? When you’re interested, you do only what’s convenient and convenience does not equal business success. Not for the long term.  However, when you’re committed, nothing will stop you! Every other option is off the table. You have a steadfast determination towards making it happen.


As Fedrick Douglas has said, if there is no struggle, there is no progress.”  Chadwick’s legacy reminds us of what it means to be resilient and committed to being the answer you were born to be in this world despite any challenge you may face along the way.

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Featured in Courageous Woman Magazine, October 2020


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