Tonya Green: Living Life on Purpose

by Ashley Little

Who is Tonya Green?

TG: The daughter of the Most High God, Yahweh! I am the proud mother of two beautiful and highly successful children, Donte and Danielle, and five grandchildren. I rank the third youngest of 13 siblings. I am a visionary, globetrotter, CEO of the Women of Dominion International, author, philanthropist, and down to earth loving person who likes quiet time, watching movies, and reading.



CW: What inspired you to start Women of Dominion International?
The need to spend quality time training women globally to discover their God ordained purpose and develop a plan of action to execute it while they are able. Practically everywhere I travel domestically and internationally, women are always referencing how they admire all that I am able to accomplish with grace, and they wish they could walk in my shoes. I let them know that they can because these shoes are ‘one size fits all,’ according to Genesis 1:26-28. The shoes that I am referencing is called PURPOSE!

CW: Please provide three ways Women of Dominion International is helping women throughout the world?
Women of Dominion International is helping women to gain the confidence they need to break out of the norm and live with purpose on purpose through education and mentoring. Through the platforms of a 9-month training program, conferences, retreats, and continual collaboration, these women have hands-on guidance 24 hours a day. Secondly, Women of Dominion International has begun the process of reproducing itself by planting centers globally where we are able to bring in resources to women who would otherwise not be able to receive what they need to start their journey to purpose. We also expose women to other cultures and people by leading teams on the mission field. Lastly, Women of Dominion International has partnered with the Community College of Baltimore County in the state of Maryland to set up a scholarship fund to assist both domestic and international exchange students in completing their academic goals. We have most recently begun negotiating a special partnership with an agency to help rescue women and young girls caught in human trafficking and provide preventive training to deter women and children from becoming victims. Additionally, we have formed a new training team called “Girls Like Us.” Here, we train girls from all walks of life between the ages of 12-17 to begin to focus on their true purpose in life and make strides toward executing that goal. We provide a safe haven for them and teach them to make healthy choices, oftentimes, breaking destructive generational habits.

“If I can be a positive influence to just one person, that’s much better than not impacting any at all


CW: Why is reaching back and pulling forward important?
I grew up in an era that operated in the concept that it takes a village to raise a child. Each of the parents in my community helped to raise me and my siblings. We are very close to this day. Had one of my neighbors, we call her Aunt Gertrude Cunningham, not taken the time that she did to expose me to the Lord, different cultures, and people, I probably would have chosen a different path in life. Additionally, my grandfather, Wilbert Elliott Sr., would always take us to his birthplace in Virginia. These experiences shaped my view of the world. The older I became, the more I wanted to explore. I did not want to spend my life choosing destructive paths. Reaching back and pulling forward gives me the opportunity to say to those who made a positive impact on my life as a child, “Thank you.” It also allows me to say to this current generation, “I love you.” If I can be a positive influence to just one person, that’s much better than not impacting any at all.


CW: Why is serving important on your journey?

TG: I teach and live by a principle in the Word of God; the greatest leader is the greatest servant. Luke 22:26 and Matthew 23:11. Serving does not just tell a person what to do and how to get things done, but it shows them what to do and how to get things done with excellence.

“ People may not remember what you say, but they will always remember what they saw you do. Serving removes excuses”      

CW: What is next for you and your brand?

TG: I am launching my shoe line, Radah (; my fragrance, Dominion; and All Things International store. Additionally, I am co-authoring a book that will launch September 2020 along with a book signing tour.

How can readers connect with you?
Twitter (@TDGGLOBAL), Periscope (@PrincessAffiba), Instagram (twodinternational), Facebook (WOD International, LLC),



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