What are Three Things You Can Do as a Family To Reduce The Stress Of Homeschooling?

1. Have a Routine.
When children and family members know what to expect, it can help ease anxiety and stress. It can also help the flow of your day remember don’t be so hard on yourself because this is something you may have never done before give yourself space to tweak what doesn’t work and keep what does.
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2.  Make time to play.
If something is not working in your routine take what’s called a play break it’s OK you can go back to school work in a minute, take time to dance play a board game that your family really enjoys or just go outside take a walk you never know learning could be in the trees.
3. Make room for mistakes.
Rome wasn’t built in a day and families who have not always been every waking moment together will have to keep trying just take time and some space when things aren’t working and if you mess up and if it doesn’t work try something else or try it in a different way. You’re going to make mistakes that’s how learning happens so parents are the best parent you can be and have fun.
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