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Have you ever had an idea or dream you wanted to accomplish?

Michele Knox-Thomas has a dream to see her own skincare product on the market. She has a great chance to get the product produced by Volition Beauty, but she needs our VOTE.

Michele Knox-Thomas is a self-taught make-up artist, has her B.A. in Psychology from Argosy University in Alameda, California, a 30-year career legal secretary in the SF Bay Area, lover of unicorns and a mad scientist in her kitchen in the evenings. She has always loved creating natural products for her hair, skin, and/or body. Making natural products have been a passion of hers since she can remember but the business surrounding it could be very intimidating and with all she was juggling, Michele never pursued her own line of products.

Recently she began using products from Volition Beauty which is a women-owned brand that prides itself on using only natural products that are effective. The cool thing about this brand is that customers can submit their own ideas for products and if accepted, the company will create a campaign for the innovator and if there are enough interest and votes, the product is made, and the innovator is the face of the product and can receive royalties from the sales of their specific product. It is a wonderful platform for the customer as well as the business.

Michele submitted an idea to Volition Beauty for an eye brightening serum using potato extract which is a natural brightener and lightener and received positive feedback. Michele’s campaign is currently open on Volition Beauty’s website and will be closed on August 5, 2020. She needs approximately 1332 more votes to get her product made.

If you interested in supporting Michele’s dream product, please click the link below to vote:


Instagram: knx4eva1
Facebook: @micheleknoxthomas
Twitter: @knxgal1


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