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Writer’s Guidelines for Contributing Writers

Courageous Woman Magazine is an inspirational publication that highlights extraordinary women in business and entertainment. Each month, thousands of readers visit our site in search of inspiration, motivation, or solution to their problems. By sharing your expertise, experiences, and providing useful tips to our readers will help you make new connections and boost your personal brand or business.


What do we look for?

Here is what we like and what we don’t when it comes to considering submissions for Courageous Woman Magazine online and print.


Inspiring message: Make your submission unique based on your knowledge of the subject. Please do not submit press-release-style or business promotional articles. That would fall under advertising. If you would like to advertise with us, email us at info@courageouswomanmag.com


Women-interest content: Inspirational, trendy, or articles that give solid advice should include a minimum of 3 solid takeaway tips. 

No paid ad links or mentions: This is a serious violation. Any editorial coverage given in exchange for compensation without permission will result in deletions of contributions.

Correct length:  Articles are word counts of 500 -1,000 for online considerations. 250-500 for print consideration.

Originality: We will only accept original copy that is exclusive to Courageous Woman Magazine. Plagiarism will result in deletion from the platform.

Source your quotes: Your quotes should include the source, e.g.: 

 “ABC XYZ,” Angela Bassett said in an interview with Essence.”

No self-promotion: Articles are a way to highlight your skills and boost your credibility as an expert. They are not a place to promote your company or your services.

Proofreading and spell-check your article, PLEASE: Spell check and grammar check before submitting it. Articles that are not in alignment with our guidelines from story to grammar will be rejected. Grammarly.com is a good website to check your grammar.

Factual accuracy: Be sure to fact check and check the spellings of individuals and company names and locations. Accuracy is key to winning!

Formatting:  No fancy text, no all-caps words, no bolded text, no italics (except for publication titles).

Photos: Don’t add photos unless it’s an image you or your company took.

Publication: Please expect 3 to 4 weeks before your story gets reviewed. Please keep this in mind if your submission is on a seasonal topic or holiday.


We reserve the right to reject content for any reason.

Courageous Woman reserves the right to edit all content submitted for publication, including headlines, grammar, formatting, and length.

We reserve the right to remove or reject any links or content we consider offensive, harmful, or overly promotional. Any violation of our policies can result in the removal of content or removal from the platform.



We Are Seeking Contributors in The Following Departments

I Did It, So Can You!


Health and Wellness


Money Matters



COURAGEOUS MEN  JUNE 2020- Articles on what black me are facing in America, Men in business, Fathers, Husbands,

Encouragement JUNE 2020




Word Counts 

  • Cover Story: 300-600 words
  • Brief (1/2 page) Articles: 250 words
  • Women to Watch: 200-300 words
  • Mini articles/Encouraging Words (Q&A): 60 words, plus a picture.
  • Reviews: 50- 75 words per item
  • I Did It, You Can Too: 250 words
  • Courageous Men/Pro Talks/Tips: 100 words per item


Feature Stories (Assigned only)

One-page 1 photo

Word count 250-300 Max


Two-page up to 3 photos

Word count up to 500 Max




The story should tell the courageous parts of her personal story and accomplishments. It can be a Q & A or full story.



Q & A: Use questions that allow her the opportunity to share the inspirational parts of her story or testimony.

Full story: Use catchy paragraph subtitles to describe what’s in that paragraph

All feature stories should include the question. “What is your definition of a Courageous Woman?’



The title should be catchy and attention-grabbing and should be no more than 90 characters



The first sentence should be an attention-grabbing lead-in to her inspiring story. An inspirational introduction. Don’t start it with where she is from unless it’s part of the inspiration.



End her story with a bang! Make that reader inspired to want to know more about who she is and want to go find out more by going to her website or social media



Include the web address of the business and up to two social media outlets.


Other Notes

  • Please send any pictures or illustrations as attachments when you email your submission. Images must be royalty-free.
  • Remember to keep the overall tone inspirational and upbeat. Try not to end your article on a low note!
  • Don’t forget to include a little blurb about yourself (30 words) and a picture we can use if there is space!
  • Submit the required fees before submitting an article
  • Email submissions to Info@courageouswomanmag.com



Product promotions

Book Editors


(Experienced only)

Email for details: Info@courageouswomanmag.com



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