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Deria BrownI had an awesome time at the “How To Be The Bomb” workshop. The host, Deria Brown is a business and life coach and marketing strategist. She is also the owner of GlamRock Cosmetics. The event topics included How to balance, organization, marketing and so much more. If you’re a woman on the move who is trying to start your business, increase your business or focus on what it is you are supposed to do or be on this planet then you should have been there! How often do we miss out on opportunities and think afterward, I should have been there. We are often blessed by the words, experiences and testimonies of others. I was certainly blessed and I learned things that I can apply to my own life and business.

By attending seminars, conferences, and events that share information to build you is actually you investing in your personal growth. Don’t you want to do better in your life, your business, or your family life? Or maybe you have it all together at 100%. I don’t, and even the most high profile experts have admitted they don’t either. I’ve heard women’s comments about attending these types of events. “Well I know how to organize, I know about marketing and branding, have three kids so I know what to do” No one knows everything. And you should always be open to learn something new. Even if you have knowledge and experience in certain areas, learning a new route or way to do something may be just what you need to make a situation easier, to manage your time more effectively or even to turn your own ideas into a successful venture. Even if you’re an expert, another expert may have one tip that may give you an “Ah huh” moment that may totally set you into orbit. Deria Brown’s “How To be The Bomb” event truly opened my eyes in a few areas that I need to improve and she gave practical advice, as well as steps to take to get it done! Thank you Deria!

Tyler PerryI had a very busy weekend. Although it started a bit heavy, with a funeral of a beloved family member, it turned out to be a great weekend of inspiration. I also attended the Women’s Empowerment Expo in Detroit. Super producer, Tyler Perry was the keynote speaker. He spoke and then answered questions afterwards. I was so very inspired by his testimony about simply never giving up. He talked about his journey, his partnership with Oprah, faith and dealing with haters. You know he’s got haters! I truly walked away feeling that whatever I put my mind to do, and strive to achieve, I can succeed. I took my thirteen year old daughter with me. She absolutely enjoyed it, as well. She was just as enthused or maybe a little more to see actor Morris Chestnut. He was one of the speakers on the “Black Men Revealed” panel. She was able to maneuvered her way up to the front of the stage to get a few cellphone photos of him. Boy, was she excited. I said, “Girl calm down. Stay in your lane. You don’t act this way about Bow Wow, Chris Brown and other celebrities you like that are more in your age range!” She said, “Mama, he is just so fine” Morris ChestnutI certainly couldn’t deny her sentiments, they were true! So I chuckled. I was glad she had a good time. Other performers at the event included the ladies from R & B Diva’s of LA, The R & B group After Seven, and Legendary rappers Salt and Peppa. I knew with the numerous speakers, vendors, classes,and entertainers there would be something there that would inspire her. I feel that when we motivate, and inspire our children, especially girls while they are young, they become empowered women who are not afraid to leap.

If you’re ready to learn and be inspired, be open to listen to the experiences of others. Get off the horse and take in an event or conference that may help set something off in your life. You never know it could be a sure blessing!

Stroll on over to Tyler Perry’s website and get some inspiration. He is truly blessed. Click Here

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