Can’t Stop Wont Stop; Embracing a Fabulous and Fit Life after 60

Beverly CastleberryCan’t Stop Won’t Stop
Embracing a Fabulous
and Fit Life after 60
by Beverly Castleberry

September 11, 2001, I was at work in the Pentagon when my life changed forever. Running out of the building and grateful to have escaped, I started thinking about my future. I was given another day to live and intended to make the most of it.

Ten years later I retired from the Federal Government after 30 years and pursued my life’s passion in fitness, passing the American Council on Exercise Personal Training Exam; and later adding their Health Coach, Senior Fitness and Fitness Nutrition Certifications to my resume.

In 2014, I decided to get into the best shape of my life and compete in 2 bodybuilding competitions. Midway through 12 weeks of training, my knees started hurting. X-rays showed severe arthritis and very little cartilage remaining. Today, I am almost bone-on-bone and have been told my only long-term option is total knee replacement. Balling my eyes out, I contacted my trainer and told him I was too old to compete. He said “no you’re not.” There is a quote by Naomi Judd that says “your body hears everything your mind says.” Here I was telling my body what it could not do because I was too old…an excuse. But there is something that I am so grateful for and it is the Word of God that says I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. I held on to that truth and continued training, taking it one day at a time. My trainer modified my nutrition and training plans, and reiterated the importance of getting adequate sleep to repair and strengthen my body’s muscle tissue, especially the tissue surrounding my knees.

beverly castleberryI stuck to the plan and took

it one day at a time.

I didn’t stop,

“just kept moving”.

May 17, 2014, I won Overall Women’s Bodybuilder in my very first competition at age of 60. Two weeks later, I won 1st Place Women’s Physique in another competition.

I am not done competing; my best years are ahead of me.

My mission today is to support women who are ready to eliminate excuses and focus on achieving their optimal health and fitness goals regardless of life’s challenges. Through private personal training sessions, workshops and speaking opportunities I cover proven lifestyle tools and strategies to develop action plans based on their individual circumstances, lifestyle habits, and health condition.


Beverly Castleberry is 62 years of age; a Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and Motivational Speaker. Won Overall Women’s Bodybuilder in bodybuilding competition at age 60

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