Challenge Yourself: Meditate Don’t Worry

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By Patricia L. Miller

How often do we find ourselves in frustrating situations where we want to throw our hands up, throw in the towel and just give up? We don’t have to! There are things that we can do and stop doing to center ourselves, help change our perspective and be at peace no matter what.

Implement these today, be consistent and watch how things change. Remember, don’t beat yourself up if you falter–just don’t give up.

More Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and meditation is conversation with and listening to God, the Creator, the Source, or Divine Spirit. This activity exercises the Spirit that God placed inside of each of us at the time of our creation. God wants us to talk to Him and listen for Him. When you pray, just talk to God as if you were talking to a friend. You don’t have to get all deep and recite prose, just talk. He knows you and loves you. Talk about the things that concern you, and just ask Him how He wants you to look at the situation while He takes care of it.

Some people think meditation spooky and weird, but it’s not. There are different types of meditation, but what I am referring to is just taking time to cleanse yourself of all of the thoughts that have been bombarding your mind all day. So, just take some deep breaths, exhale slowly and clear everything out of your mind. Once you do that, think on how loved you are by God and His promises. Then take time to listen to His Spirit that is within you for guidance.

Worry, Whine and Complain
Once you have prayed, you have asked God to handle it. Don’t worry about it. Since He is the Creator of the universe, don’t you think He can take care of it? Let it go, He loves you and it is done. You may be asked to look at the situation in a different way, but it is handled. Either way He answers it, whether it is a yea or a nay, it is for your own good. Who knows better for us anyway, us or God?

Whining and complaining only makes whatever situation seem worse than it is. Whining and complaining is negative energy that doesn’t need to be released. Whatever energy you put out will only come back to you. Stop complaining about your kids, your significant other, the traffic, the weather, the neighborhood, your hair, your car, whatever. If you don’t like something and can’t change it or remove yourself from the situation, change how you look at. This may be difficult to do, so ask God to help you. He only wants you to be happy. Perception is nine tenths of how we are affected by circumstances and situations. Do the best you can with what you have to work with and approach everything with love.

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