Cincinnati Ben-Gals Cheerleader Laura Vikmanis’ Exercise, Weight Loss, and Nutrition Tips

Not only is Laura Vikmanis, a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader, known for her courageous act of trying out and becoming the oldest cheerleader in the NFL at age 40, she is also a registered dietitian and runs a weight loss program in a medical facility in Ohio.

CW wanted to know just how she maintains her healthy look.

Take it away Laura!

Exercise – When I started working out I began to see my body start to transformed when I focused on weight training. You can reduce body fat by incorporating cardio and weight training on alternate days. Try 3 days cardio and 2 days weight training and try reversing it for the following week.

Weight loss – Be consistent with your exercise and be consistent with calorie counting and clean eating. If YOU aren’t calorie counting, your body ALWAYS is!!

Nutrition – Focus on proteins, to keep you fuller longer and to not create blood sugar swings like carbs do, and calorie counting. Consistent calorie counting is critical to weight loss. As a rule of thumb, start with your goal weight. Say your goal weight is 130 lbs. Then your calories should be 1300 cal/day. 140 lb, then 1400 cal/day, 150 lb, then 1500 cal per day. Calorie count on good days and bad days and always keep your protein intake at least 50% of your calories and the rest mainly from vegetables and fruits limited fats when trying to lose weight. Get a good calorie counting book. I recommend the Calorie King book or cellphone app My Fitness Pal and track your calories daily.

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