Exercise: Empowerment Through Fitness

fitness article picI’m Josh Anderson (M.S., Personal Trainer, seen in Shape, SheKnows, iPhone Life, RedBookMag…etc.) and I want to help you reach your goals this new year! We can do it together – let’s get started:

There is nothing more empowering than taking control of your health and becoming healthier and happier! But for many of us we are too busy or actually intimidated to head to the gym! That’s okay because you can still get great results at home if you follow these 3 simple rules:

1. Create full-body strength training workouts – Strength training helps to improve your bone health, cardio health, build muscle, burn calories, increase your metabolism, and simply improves your quality of life! Perform 6 exercises for 3 sets, 3 times a week!

2. Perform these exercises at a high-intensity – This is huge! Performing your exercises at a super high-intensity with little to no rest between sets (we want you huffing and puffing) can actually increase your metabolism for up to 38 hours post-workout! How awesome is that? Push yourself!

3. Stay active an additional 45 minutes a day –
Simply walking at a brisk pace everyday for 45 minutes can lead to BIG results! In fact, at a brisk pace walking uphill for 45 minutes can have your burning over 450 calories. That’s an incredible amount of calories over the course of a week!

That’s it – simply combine these 3 things and you will get great results from the comforts of your own home! Next week we will discuss how to take control of your nutrition! Until then, you can get workout and weight loss tips and much more at the Fit Female Club!Fit Female logo

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