How to Make Exercise & Diet More Convenient in 2012

By Katie Hawkes

You’re done making your list of New Year’s resolutions, and goals to exercise more and eat healthier are inevitably both top priorities. But if you made lofty plans to hit the gym a certain number of times per week, the hassle might soon undermine your fitness ambitions. And as for eating well, who actually has time to prepare healthy meals three times a day? Here are a few suggestions of ways you can make your exercise and diet plans convenient for you:

Exercise at home.

You don’t necessarily need fancy gym equipment to get those biceps and abdominal  muscles you’ve been dreaming about. Using what you already have at home is an easy way to exercise when it’s convenient for you. Not all gyms are open 24 hours, and let’s be honest, it’s hard to motivate yourself to work out when it involves getting in your car and driving to a different location. Simple exercises such as push-ups and crunches can be done in your own living room. If you have stairs, you have a built-in step exercise that you don’t need to go all the way to the gym to find. And for cardio, you can run the streets of your neighborhood or pull up a cardio workout routine on your TV or Internet.

Whether you’re a home owner with a spacious house or a renter with a tiny living room, you can find creative ways to utilize your space. As a property manager, marketing these functional aspects of the property can be a good selling point — e.g. convenient staircases, a nearby park, wide hall space for doing yoga, etc.

Plan meals ahead of time.

It’s probably a safe guess that many of the “exceptions” people make to their diets happen when junk food is the most convenient option. So, make healthy foods convenient for you! Take a trip to the store once a week and stock up on fresh fruit and healthy snacks, and keep some at home and some at the office. When those 3pm cravings hit, instead of shuffling to the vending machine for some potato chips you can eat a handful of grapes or a granola bar instead. As for the main courses, try making a couple meals over the weekend and eating the leftoveres throughout the week. And if you’re really crunched for time and have to eat out every now and again, there are plenty of healthy options. If none of the menu items at the nearest fast food joint look particularly nutritious, make little requests to up the health factor — such as requesting grilled chicken instead of fried, substituting water for your normal soda, etc. Every little choice to eat better might seem small, but they will all eventually add up to a healthier 2012.

Katie Hawkes is a freelance blogger for Real Property Management East Valley, an Arizona property management company servicing the Phoenix area.

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