Motivation: Overcoming Setbacks

MotivationBy Josh Anderson

Having the perfect nutrition and exercise plan is a huge part of taking charge of your health but it is for naught if you can’t keep the momentum going! There will definitely be times when you hit tough patches on your weight loss journey. That’s where setting up the appropriate motivational fail-safes come into play! Try these 3 today:

1. Take selfies – Take front and side selfies when you begin your program and after 4 weeks on the program. If you’ve stuck to the plan, when you compare them you will notice slight changes like a smaller muffin top, more definition in your arms, or even better posture! These small differences provide you with instant motivation and satisfaction!
2. Exercise calendar – Grab a 30 day monthly calendar, a red marker, and a black marker. For everyday you exercise put a big black “X” on that day. For everyday you don’t exercise put a big red “X” there. Like in baseball you never want to see 3 huge red “X’s” glaring at you! It will help motivate you to get up and get active!
3. Bye-bye “fat clothes” – As you start seeing results, clothes will start fitting differently. Once you have to buy new clothes make sure to get rid of your bigger clothes. This will tell you that there is no going back and if you do then it will cost you to buy a new wardrobe!

Implement these practices to help you get back up when you are down. Another way to stay motivated is to get peer-support. The Fit Female Club offers exactly that and a way to get the results you want! Next week we will talk about how to bring everything together for a great health program!
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