Nutrition: Controlling What You Eat

Nutrition articleWhat’s the hardest part about really controlling your nutrition? For many of us it is snacking! When those mid-afternoon cravings roll around it’s hard to eat a healthy snack! What usually ends up happening is that we do great eating quality meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner and we still gain weight!

Snacking is usually the culprit. A handful of chips here, a tiny piece of chocolate there can really add up to a substantial amount of calories that you don’t realize you’re consuming! One of the best ways to take your nutrition under control is to keep a nutrition log (you can download get your own nutrition log HERE). Keep a nutrition log of EVERYTHING you eat for a week and you will become more conscious and aware of your eating habits. You will notice that maybe the weekends are your weak points or that you simply eat too many snacks during the afternoon.

As you review your log, write down 3 trouble areas that you need to fix and determine which one you want to tackle first. Then go to work fixing these trouble areas ONE at a time! Work on one until you have it under control and then move onto the next one. Don’t tackle them all at once – that is a difficult task to do all at once. Next week we will talk about ways to stay motivated when you are struggling! Until then check us out at the Fit Female Club

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