Skin Care Tips for Aging Gracefully

CEO and founder of Teach 2 Reach School of Cosmetology and cosmetologist Kesha Norman stopped by Courageous Woman Magazine to share great tips to help us better maintain our skin as we mature :).

Kesha Norman head shotby Kesha Norman

Throughout the course of life, women find out what things matter most to them. Topping that list is skincare. Skincare is one of those things that we tend to neglect when we’re younger, but gradually pay more attention to in our later years. Since time waits for no one, it is important that we as women begin attending to our face and skincare needs much sooner rather than later. The longer a person waits to begin a skincare regimen, that more difficult it is to reverse the natural effects of aging skin, specifically in the face and neck. That’s why preventative measures used over a longer period of time are more effective!

As we all continue to work, live, and further develop in life, the value of maintaining a healthy face and skin becomes increasingly important to us. This stems from our desire to look and feel young. In our quest for youthful-looking skin, most women have seen the effects of both unhealthy skin and healthy skin. Of the two, most women commonly prefer the latter, and why not–everyone wants healthy glowing skin, right? Of course we do! Intentional, well-maintained skin looks great, feels great, and attracts more attention.

africanamericanskincareProper nutrition and a regular facial skincare regimen play a big role in youthful and radiant beauty that lasts over time. Even prior to makeup, healthy face and skin looks and feels great. According to a recent New York Daily News article, women are more pressured than men to look younger. Even with alternative options such as plastic surgery, many beauty professionals still lean more towards a more natural approach.

Here are some tips for skincare:
1. Schedule an appointment for a facial at your local cosmetology school, salon, or spa.
2. Stay hydrated with at least eight glasses of water a day.
3. Keep your skin clean and moisturized on a regular basis.
4. Protect your skin from direct exposure to the sun.

Stay healthy, stay stress-free and have a beautiful day!

Kesha Norman is the CEO and founder of Teach 2 Reach School of Cosmetology. She is a licensed cosmetologist and instructor residing in Flint, MI with her only son, Trevor. She has been practicing the art of cosmetology for more than 20 years and is passionately devoted to providing quality education and skilled training within her community.



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