The Health Trifecta for Ultimate Weight Loss


Exercise, nutrition, and motivation create the “Health Trifecta” that we all need for sustainable weight loss. The weight loss process falls apart if any of these 3 are forgotten. It’s like having a car and driver but no gas – you won’t get anywhere fast! The right weight loss plan is all about employing these three principles into a plan that is easy on you! You won’t be able to stay on a plan if you can’t eat the foods you love or if you have to starve yourself all day – that’s the path to dropout and failure!

We’ve all failed before, but failure is a good thing if we learn from it! From every failure you’ve ever had, look back and see why you failed. Was the plan too calorie deficient? Was it too impractical? You need to learn from these failures and create a plan that is sustainable and gentle. A plan conformed to your needs and time constraints – it’s all about finding a plan that fits YOU!

Our program the Fit Female Club is a great example. It’s all about sustainable weight loss. We create the perfect health trifecta by offering effective at-home workouts (over 80 videos in our archives), incredible meal plans (recipes and shopping lists) and support to help you become your own dietitian, and the motivation you need via accountability and peer-support to help you stay on track! Check us out and see how we can help you get sustainable results!

No matter what you choose, always remember to be true to yourself and pick a plan that will work for you! Let us know if we can point you in the right direction!


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