From Heart to Heart By Elder Nicole S. Mason

Elder Nicole MasonNicole S. Mason says The greatest connection we can make with others is a heart connection. We all have the capacity to make this connection, but life can get in the way.  We have all experienced life’s deepest blows to the heart: the death of a loved one, failed relationships, betrayal, and disappointments. But, we have also experienced awesome events that made our hearts feel warm: the birth of a child, a promotion, random acts of kindness and God’s favor.  God has given us a choice to open our hearts to love or close it and allow it to harden.  Life is far too short for the latter.  I encourage you to choose love, to forgive, to have joy, and choose to connect from Heart to Heart!

Elder Nicole S. Mason, Esquire
Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church
Washington, DC

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