Great Faith by Angela Thompson

Courageous Woman Magazine is honored to have shared some encouraging words from some of the most amazing women. First Lady Angela Thompson is the wife of Pastor Seon Thompson Pastor of Refuge Temple Church of Flint, Michigan.
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First Lady Angela Thompson 3Apostle Sandra Appleberry spoke a word to the women that had a great impact on me. She said that your Faith is the substance and not a supplement. “Substance” is the most essential part of your experience. A “supplement” is an additive to what seems insufficient. So the question becomes, is your Faith the most essential part of your experience that fills your daily life, or is it just an additive to what seems insufficient? As women of GOD, we must walk in the substance of Faith. We need to declare through our words and through our actions that we are anointed and we house the power of GOD within us. As He spoke, we shall speak. As He performed miracles, so will we. Be encouraged in your Faith, that it is great, that it is the substance of your existence and not just a supplement!

Angela Thompson – First Lady
Refuge Temple Church of Flint, Michigan

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