Sharing the Joy Within by Vanessa M. Pringle

Galatians 5:22 reminds us that joy is a fruit of the Spirit. Vanessa PringleKnowing this, as a woman of God, I have to remember that joy is a part of my spiritual DNA. My heavenly Father has placed Joy on the inside of me. I have the ability and responsibility to display His Joy. The absence or lack of joy in our lives implies that we are working in the arm of flesh or have forgotten what we possess. You have joy based upon who God is in you. Don’t wait for the manifestation of things–show and share your Joy now!

Vanessa M. Pringle, Assistant Pastor
Abundant Life Ministries
Flint, Michigan

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One Thought to “Sharing the Joy Within by Vanessa M. Pringle”

  1. THE BEAUTIFUL Miss Vanessa Wow!!,, i remember the early days of 1997 in Ministry with Her and the Abundant Life Ministry “Crew” FAMILY. Such Spiritual,yet Blessin Memories.

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