Inspiration Monday: Wonder To Wow

By DaMali Rector

So many times we desire to have more or even experience life on another level but we are limited because of our worldly belief systems. The things that the world has taught us directly and indirectly about ourselves whether good or bad are beliefs that have helped to create and mold our ideas, thoughts, feelings & even our expectations. We have conformed to the image of what the world has determined us to be. Have you ever look at yourself in a mirror and asked the question “who are you” or even asked the question “what are you”? Well, you are not alone. So many people have this experience. It’s called the Wonder World Syndrome. You wonder if things are actually what they appear to be. You wonder if others will truly find out that you are just a copy of an idea you would like to become. You wonder if your life actually has meaning or if you will ever reach that point of greatness that you hunger and thirst for. Well, we can wonder all day long. It is in the wonder that destroys all hope and possibility for change, growth and even elevation. In wonder, there is always an unsaid promotion of wandering. You become so lost to the worldly that you don’t recognize the wow inside of you. Who is the wow? God is your wow factor. He is the strength beyond any mountain that you must climb. Once you grasp the concept of being wowed then you are transformed into the creature that God has already designed you to be. Become the wow factor to yourself and you will have no problems wowing the world.

DaMali Rector known as “Minister D”- A mother, minister, life advocate, author, evangelist, inspirational teacher, motivator and fierce woman of God who is known for her love and commitment to those she serves.

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