Monday Inspiration 4/7/14

Monday Inspiration

You’re afraid. You’re scared. You’re unsure about releasing your radiance. I know you are. It happens to me too. You have delayed stepping into your full power and showing up in the world with your gifts and your voice because you think you don’t deserve it. You believe you don’t have what it takes. You feel you aren’t good enough. You have read books, taken classes, prayed, hired coaches and have done everything you could think of, but for some reason, nothing is working. The truth is there is something within below the surface that you haven’t addressed or confronted. There is something within your soul that longs to be healed and set free. You’ve spent time and money treating symptoms but you still haven’t gotten to the cause – the root.

The essence of who you are will never reach its fullest potential until you are healed from within the depths of your soul. Your soul is yearning for healing, and that healing brings about your ability to soar even higher.It’s not enough to dream and plan, you’ve got to do the soul work.

Search within
-Observe your behavior
-Uncover and confront pain and unforgiveness
-Liberate yourself

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Cheryl Pullins is an internationally acclaimed Branding Thoughtleader, Certified Coach, Award-winning Speaker and Amazon Bestselling Author. She helps highly ambitious women entrepreneurs and leaders create distinctly iconic brands from scratch.

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