6 Tips To Make Your Marriage Blissful

It’s RELATIONSHIP’S WEDNESDAY at Courageous Woman Magazine.  Marriage mentor, Rosina Baylor wrote an article on how to make your marriage work and be blissful.

Rosina and Hubbyby Rosina Baylor

We all have desires and expectations in our marriages. When those expectations and desires do not come to fruition, it can leave you feeling disappointed, angry, frustrated and asking the question, “Why did I get married?” Here are a few tips to make your marriage blissful.

1. Stop clinging to unrealistic expectations and believing that romance will hold your marriage together. When harsh realities crash into your marriage, romance will not hold it together. You must be willing to work through the differences you brought into the marriage.

2. Be sure you are meeting realistic expectations are and not giving up altogether. Be sure your expectations of marriage are based on truth and grieve the loss of the fantasy marriage so you can accept the reality of what you have.

3. Determine to grow in areas where you can. There is always room for improvement and growth in our marriages. This growth begins with you! Join a women’s Bible study, couples class–whatever you may need to grow in your faith, confidence and marriage.

4. Be sure you are communicating about your spouse’s disappointment and your continued desire to meet realistic needs. Open communication is the key to learning about the needs of your spouse. Create a “safe environment” for you to talk with your spouse about his needs, and make an effort to meet those needs. Communicate in a loving way when you feel those needs are unrealistic and work together to meet mutual needs.

5. Seek counseling for both of you so a third party can define reality and realistic experience. A third party can be a valuable asset if you are unable to resolve the differences, you must do whatever it takes to prevent from giving up.

6.Seek God to fulfill you and heal you rather than expect your spouse to do what only God can. Put your trust in God and He alone can heal you. It starts with you!!!

Rosina Baylor is a commissioned chaplain with the Southern Baptist Convention. She has been married for 30 years and along with her husband facilitates couple classes, pre-marital counseling, and marriage mentoring.

This article was published in the January/February 2015 issue of Courageous Woman Magazine.



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