Call for Articles: Love and Relationships

loveLove and Relationships

Are you an expert on relationships? We’d love for you to share an article for our February issue.

Do you have a great relationship with someone special and you’d like to share your love story or offer some tips for others?

Our February issue will be our LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS EDITION

We’re looking for some amazing articles and couples to feature.

The deadline is January 21?
But don’t wait til then to send


Submit an article on any topic pertaining to love and relationships about single life or married life or relationships in general. Must be positive and informing or humorous. No male/female bashing or relationship woes. We want this to be a fun and engaging issue that encourage relationships and one that people will enjoy reading even after Valentine’s.



We are looking for married or engaged couples who are willing to tell their stories in a fun and enlightening way.

We’re seeking couples that:

  1. Work together – Work on the same job or run a business together.
  2. Play together – Enjoy having fun together.
  3. Serve together – Whether you are in ministry together or you serve the homeless together.
  4. Workout together – Perhaps you have joined forces and lost a significant amount of weight together or you just decided to get fit and you enjoy doing it together.
  5. Have lots of children together – Do you have 5 or more children together? Submit an awesome story about your family. Include a family photo and a couple photo.
  6. Play sports together- is golfing or another sport part of your love-fun? Tell us about it.
  7. Dance together – Can you and your boo really cut a rug? Tell us how much fun you have dancing the night away.


If possible, we’d prefer you start your article and title with a question with no more than 90 characters in the title (letters)
Can Couples Really work Together?

(Please include 2 photos, a couple photo and a photo showing what you do together)


Love Tips

Share a tip that may help other couples in their love life.

Include  one tip per couple. Tip MUST be 100 words or less.


If you have business or service that you would like to advertise in this issue, please let us know

CHECKLIST for submission:

  1. ARTICLE – Please proofread and check for errors. Get a few other friends to read it before submitting it.
  2. WORD COUNT– Please stay with the requested word count
  3. PHOTOS– Include 1 one photo for tips and 2 for features. It’s your choice if you want to include a personal photo for the love and relationship articles.

SUBMIT ARTICLE TO: Please put LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS in the subject line.

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