How Important is Money in Marriage?

Carl and Latonya Gilliard 1How Important is Money in Marriage?

Relationship coaches, Carl and Latonya Gilliard say money is very important in marriage.

Money, or the lack thereof, has killed many marriages. The only way to win at this dollar game as a couple is to always see your marriage as a team. Teams play to win. Serious, committed teammates always support one another. Let’s put a marriage on the professional basketball court. One player may make more money than the other. One player may stand out and be more talented. On winning teams, where one is weak, the other one balances with their specific strength and the love of the team are evident.

Money is like a basketball: it gets passed, it bounces and it sometimes goes out of bounds, but without it, you can’t play the game. Without the hands of the teammates and the skill and strategy of moving the ball to the ultimate goal, scoring a basket, it just sits on the floor, doing nothing. It must be circulated and kept in play. It takes the energy and talent of the team, working together, to score and to win. Relationships are not hard. They just require the right mindset and intentions. The most successful teams have teammates that feel each other, know how to communicate, know how their partner dribbles, passes, handles and shoots. They may have a private disagreement, but in public, they never speak ill of one another. They work things out quickly because it hurts them on the court. They always work together, rebounding and throwing a hail Mary, if necessary. If they lose, they still pat each other on the back and practice more. In the game of love, the goal is always for the team to win.
Carl and Latonya GilliardWe are a dedicated, winning team and we coach other teams. Money is important, but it should never have more power than the heart of a marriage. Holding tight to one another when the” money is funny” guarantees a winning season! Play fair, uphold the team, and play to win!

Carl and Latonya Gilliard are owners of Gilliard Media Group. Join conversations with Carl and Latonya on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. Latonya’s new book, What Your Momma Never Knew About Men – A Guide to Creating Real-ationships is available on Amazon and at


What Your Momma Never Knew About Men – A Guide to Creating Real-ationshipsWhat Your Momma Never Knew About Men – A Guide to Creating Real-ationships

Why do you think you feel the way you do about men? Who have you been listening to and observing? What thoughts and beliefs do you limit yourself to?

Creating loving, fulfilling, lasting relationships can seem like an impossible feat, in this day and age. Women are tired of dating, failing and trying again. Some of the advice and information our mothers gave us was limiting, at best. We have suffered, loved and lost and sometimes, even repeated the mistakes of our mothers. We must learn new ways of relating. Men and women have seemingly been at odds forever. This book gives common-sense guidance to women, to help them understand and step into their feminine power and master the creation of loving, mutually enhancing relationships.

Latonya Black Gilliard captures the true essence of what men actually need but sometimes can’t express. She knows how to encourage and guide women in the right direction, away from self-defeating patterns and attitudes. She has always had a heart for women, wanting to see them prosper and live abundant, full, inspired lives.

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