How Vision Boards Help With Courage Beliefs and Goal Setting

By Peter Lees

While much has been written about goals little has been set down about the courage required to set goals in the first place.

It doesn’t take much digging to see many people are living with fear, frustration and doubt. Who among us can say we haven’t had a restless night worrying about what disaster could befall us the next day?

The more I read about the science of thought (“The Field” by Lynne McTaggart for example) the more I am convinced thoughts are things. Our thoughts can serve up dark images of despair or they can paint pictures of joy, laughter and deep abiding happiness.

It is our thinking, more than our surroundings, which determines our level of happiness. Hold a thought and you will create an emotion. That emotion drives a behavior which in turn creates an event.To change your events you first must alter your thoughts.

For those of us who have spent any time reading Self Improvement literature ‘positive thinking’ is not a new idea. In fact it’s almost tempting to read the ‘thoughts are things’ message and dismiss it as a cliche´.

The challenge, for the most of us, is to get off the well worn path of pessimistic thinking to a place where your thoughts create feelings of joy and hope. So how do you do it?

First know that thoughts and emotions don’t have to rule your life. They can in fact be harnessed to further your goals. The more you practice becoming conscious of your thoughts and emotions, the greater your ability to shape and control them. Therefore encouraging only those thoughts that will produce empowering emotions.

Think about the person you want to become. Picture that person going through their normal day. What are they wearing? Where are they going? How do they get there? Who do they spend time with and what kind of conversations do they have with others? What kind of contribution is this person, this “future you”, making?

Get clear on these images.

Now imagine how this person feels. What emotions do they carry with them? When you look at them at their very best, what words come to mind?

What kind of thoughts go through their mind? What thoughts would this person simply not give energy to? Need some help defining some of the positive beliefs and thoughts your future self will carry? Check out the StepOne Affirmation Library. It’s well organized and filled with great quotes, beliefs and positive thoughts.

Once you’ve got clarity on your future thinking, take a moment and write the thoughts down. Capture both the positive thoughts your future self will carry and the negative thoughts you have today that your future self will discount.

You’ve just taken a significant step forward.What you have just done (or maybe you are just about to do) lays the foundation on which all your other work will stand.So what is next?

If you’re building a StepOne Vision Board enter these thoughts in the Affirmations section of the ‘My Profile’ page. If you’re not yet a StepOne member, print out your Positive Thoughts List on a piece of paper and your Negative Thoughts List on another sheet.

Know that we attract to us that on which our thoughts dwell. If our thoughts are about things we don’t want we will attract those things to us; if our thoughts are about those things we do want, we will attract those things to us just as easily. So, think about what you want!

Post your Positive Thoughts List in a place where you’ll be able to read them every day. As for your Negative Thoughts List, print that out too. Hold the Negative Thoughts List in front of you.Now promise yourself to leave no place in your mind for these thoughts any longer.

The thoughts may pass through your mind again but they will not be allowed to stay. Ideally, say this to yourself in the mirror as if you were making a solemn promise to your best friend. Now take that Negative Thoughts List and destroy it. What do I mean by destroy it? Crumple it up, cut it up, shred it or burn it over the sink.

Want to make this experience really powerful? As you’re writing down your lists put on your favorite motivational music. Crank the volume! Building your Positive Thoughts List works best when you’re on an emotional high and there’s nothing like great music to get you there.

So you’ve got some clarity on your future self.You have defined the thoughts your future self will carry and those they will leave behind.

The next step is to apply all of this and change your day to day thinking….easier said than done I understand.

Here’s the good news, if you can catch yourself holding a negative thought early enough you can usually stop it from turning into an emotional reaction. So how do you lift yourself out of negative thinking patterns?Try the Rubber Band technique.

Get a rubber band that fits snuggly on your wrist. Each time you find yourself holding onto a thought that doesn’t serve you, snap the rubber band.And not just a small wimpy snap. You’re looking for a big, ‘SNAP!’. The kind of snap that makes you wince. This is where the normal Rubber Band technique ends.

The StepOne version of the exercise takes it…well…a step further (forgive the pun). As soon as you’ve stopped reeling from the wicked snapping you’ve put on yourself repeat the positive thought you want to carry instead.If you can repeat it three times aloud (ideally you’re not amid friends when all this is happening as you’ll get some odd glances) then you’re hitting the right spot of mental reprogramming.

For example let’s say you are working hard to reach and then maintain a certain weight.You have identified a negative thought you often repeat that goes something like ‘Just have whatever you want, you will never lose the weight anyway. After giving yourself a proper snapping you quickly say ‘I only eat food that strengthens and replenishes my body’.Repeat this three times.

You’ll find that in no time at all you will change your thinking around reaching a given goal.

Do Not forget that it’s actually possible to benefit by using to achieve all you want out of life. Live Courageously!

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