The Next Exit

By Karmen Williams

Momma said there would be days like this.
Sometimes I dream of throwing in the towel and closing up shop. In my daydream, I draw the blinds, lock the door, turn off the lights and just walk away. But, giving up has never been an option. This phenomenon seems to exist for women of all demographics, moms (single or
married), single women and married women with/without children are all plagued with overwhelming situations. We are over committed and under valued.

Our mom’s generation believed and lived by a tireless work ethic. Expressing frustration was not an option nor a privilege so they moved onward privately, harboring feelings of desperation while suppressing their feelings of angst. Steadfast and compelled to stay the course, they renounced any thoughts that veered away from their obligations. There was no exit point.

Blessedly, our path is free and clear–thanks to their hard work and sacrifice. The dilemma? Many of us have not reached our goals and fail to capitalize on choices we have available to us. We are supporting other people’s dreams and grooming everyone but ourselves. Many of us start off strong, full of vigor, get consumed by life and return to living on automatic pilot, inattentive to our passions and oblivious to the demise of our true authentic selves.

To flourish and move beyond the mundane requires that we do an introspective deep dive into our thoughts and motivations. What thoughts dominate your mental space? Assign a percentage to your positive, neutral and negative thoughts to discover where you are blind sighted. This numerical value will give you a concrete idea of how you are either your own advocate or hindrance.

Retrieve your goals. Ensure they are formulated into a plan of action – a step-by-step directive of all that you hope for, plan to become or desire to complete. Visualize a decorative scroll with your name or initials on it. As you unroll the document and examine it closely, absorb every detail. Own your goals.
Now tear up the scroll and throw it away. Do you feel panic? Are you confused? Why?
Revisit the plans you were unwilling to “throw away” and make each one of the goals the target of your focus–your next destination. Now that you’ve identified your next steps, proceed with confidence.
Watch out for potholes and roadblocks. U-turns are not illegal as long as you check your mirrors.
Most importantly, exit immediately from any road that turns into a dead end!

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