The Secret

By Thadine N. Quick
Author of Addicted To You

The “For Real” Housewife of Chicago was living financially beyond her means. She had a subprime mortgage that was set to adjust any day from a 4% interest rate to 8%, a soon-to-be-repossessed 2010 Escalade hiding out in her spacious three-car garage, and just yesterday her check bounced at the local Piggly Wiggly for tissue and groceries. The gas, light, and water bills were overduem and the cable went out right in the middle of the NBA Playoffs. Yes! Game 2, the Chicago Bull’s defense was dominating the Atlanta Hawks, and Derek Rose had the ball…

To reveal a “honey-we-may-lose-the-house” secret at that time would surely have stopped the clock on their 16-year marriage. So, she lied… and then lied again with omission of the truth. It was a vicious cycle of lies that was sure to block any blessings she had coming her way.

How many of us are blocking our blessings by holding secrets and living financially beyond our means?

Fortunately, this housewife had a secret that she could no longer keep to herself. An exit strategy so unbelievably useful that for many years she kept it buried deep within the depths of her soul. Sharing only with those closest to her. A secret so shockingly true that it had the ability to not only reduce mortgage payments but also eliminate it. If used properly, it could turn rags into riches, water into wine, and all frowns upside down. It was something that the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” had yet to realize…The secret of PRAYER!

See, prayer IS the answer, no matter the question. Forget LinkedIn and Facebook, PRAYER is the Numero Uno of all connections. The Alpha and Omega! The fabric and linen of one’s soul but, more important, the passport to spiritual freedom.

Miraculously, this housewife was able to maintain those hidden secrets from her loved ones because truth is, HE always made a way. When she called, HE answered. When she fell, HE caught her. It wasn’t until she truly asked HIM to show her the right way that she was able to get in front of her debt. That’s when she downsized. She put the house on the market and did a short sale before the bank could take it. She downsized their vehicles before the lien holders could repossess. Today, she’s not only living in a modest three-bedroom-home in the same suburban neighborhood that her children were accustomed to, but also she’s debt free, tithing on a regular basis, and lived by the adage: if cash can’t get it, well, it don’t get got.

How many of us have sought riches from materialistic things when our Father was prepared to exceed our needs?

The true secret is not living beyond our means but understanding that PRAYER PLUS ACTION will get it for you. If ever there was a time to reveal the secret, the time is now. Tell somebody about how prayer changes things and then let them get out of their own way… I DARE YOU!

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