The Path to True Inner Peace, True Happiness and True Success: The Popular Paths Won’t Get You There

By Robert Scheinfeld

The other day I received an email that said, “The shortcut to anything you want in your life is to be and feel happy now.” It seems inspirational on the surface, and virtually everyone wants happiness, inner peace, and spiritual abundance, but a statement like that is just another example of a success technique or “prescription” that doesn’t work – or that you can’t actually take action on, no matter how hard you try.

There are many methods to help you experience success and happiness, from setting goals to hypnosis to repeating affirmations to focusing on what you want and having it appear, to visualization and using the so-called Law of Attraction. All of these approaches assume that you are in control of your life. They assume you can dictate what happens to you and how it happens.

Although it would be great to simply focus on, visualize, intend, or really desire what you want and have it appear, it doesn’t actually work that way. The reason it doesn’t work is because what you perceive as reality is an illusion created by another aspect of your Consciousness, what I call your “Expanded Self.”

Very often, within the mainstream and even the esoteric and metaphysical self-help systems, the assumption is that you, what I call the “Player” of “The Human Game,” are driving the bus and are in control — determining what happens in your life.

The truth is your Expanded Self, which is The Real You, the “Infinite Being” you, is managing everything that’s going on in your life from behind the scenes — like the Director of a movie. And there’s almost always a HUGE difference between what you think you want, from the limited perspective of your conscious mind, and you REALLY want from the perspective of your Expanded Self and your life mission and purpose.

It’s what you really want that’s what you always get, not what you think you want.

Are You Thinking Too Hard?
Another prevalent belief held by many self-help gurus is that you can think your way, or intend your way, into expanded states of Consciousness and True inner peace, happiness and success. Based on my experience and the experiences of thousands of others I’ve worked with, that’s not possible.

You can’t think, will power, intend or self-discipline your way into expanded states of Consciousness and True inner peace, happiness and success. In order to experience higher Consciousness — True Joy, True Success and True Happiness — you must travel a unique path. There is a set of tools you must use and a series of experiences you must have, over time, which allow you to expand back into a direct and consistent experience of your natural state of Infinite Power, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Abundance and Infinite Joy.

In my work, I call this “knocking out the cloud cover.” I compare your Infinite Being Self, and your natural state of Infinite Power, Wisdom, Abundance and Joy, to the sun. I compare the illusions you believe to be real, your fears, and limiting beliefs to clouds that are blocking out the sunlight of your Expanded Self.

Just like the sun on a cloudy day, the sun of who you really are (and all that it includes) is there right now. It has always been there. It has just been blocked from view (and your direct experience). But you can drill holes through, knock out the cloud cover, and re-experience the sun of who you really are shining into every aspect of your life (business and personal)

Eat Your Cake … Slowly
Your spiritual path of expansion slowly unfolds over time. On your path, you will begin to see The Truth about illusions you once believed were real, and those illusions will no longer hold any power over you. You can really appreciate how you fooled yourself into thinking you weren’t happy or enlightened, and there was no expanded state of Consciousness readily available to you.

You convinced yourself you weren’t powerful, wise, and abundant, that you did not have inner peace and happiness, but as you expand, you will Know just how powerful you really are, and you’ll be able to tap that power fully to recreate every aspect of your life. As you begin to expand into a direct experience of who you really are, more appreciation and pleasure comes. You enjoy each breakthrough as your limitations slowly fade away.

It’s easy to get impatient or want it to happen immediately at first. But it can’t be forced. Once you experience a small glimpse of your Infinite Being Self, your tendency to hurry up the process will subside and you’ll begin enjoying every step of your spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

I compare it to your favorite food. If you love your mother’s coconut cake and she gives you a piece, you’re not going to shove the whole thing in your mouth and gulp it down in thirty seconds. You’re going to savor every bite. Chew slowly. Feel the texture in your mouth. You want to extend the enjoyable experience instead of it being over in an instant.

The expansion process is similar. It can be a pleasurable experience that you’ll want to savor, slowly and over time. Of course, as an Infinite Being, you can choose how you move through the expansion process. Just as you could eat your favorite cake quickly, your Expanded Self could choose to do the same with the expansion process.

I have found, however, that it’s much more rewarding to savor the experience as well as appreciate how you got yourself so restricted and limited and convinced you’re the opposite of who you really are — and the illusion called the physical universe was so real and held so much power over you.

Although popular self-help techniques may work some of the time for some of the people, it’s an illusion that they will lead you to True inner peace, happiness and success. Attaining True inner peace, happiness and success is a journey from clouded consciousness to basking in the light of your Infinite Being Self.

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