Greg Hare

When Duty Calls

Greg Hare is Front and Center

Greg Hare is a licensed mortician and funeral director in the State of Michigan. As an essential employee, he didn’t have the option of “Staying Home and Staying Safe” during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I never thought that I would have experienced something like this during my life unlike never before, going to work could be a death sentence.”

By Ladel Lewis, Ph.D

Photos by Rynelle Walker

“The Job is not easy, but someone has to do it”


Serving others is my calling

I’ve always been a servant. I proudly served my country and received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Army. I also serve my community as a distinguished member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, initiated in 1989. Eventually, I had a career change and went to the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science and passed the National and State Board exams. My love, compassion, and empathy that I have for people helped me to pursue my dream career. 


Stay humble and human

I have to do a lot of praying in order to handle the emotions of the job and stressful situations. I have strong faith in God and believe that HE will never put more on me than I can bear. As a licensed and ordained minister, I try to pass that same belief and energy on to the families. In 2013, I had just completed a burial and was informed that my mother died right in the front yard of her house. Although she had passed away, I had to eulogize a young man’s mother the very next day knowing that I would be in his shoes very soon. I performed the eulogy because I felt the young man needed someone to show him strength. I was able to handle an emotional time by staying humble and human at all times.

 You only have one chance to get it right by doing your best. I’m learning constantly that the best way to handle stressful situations is to remain calm. If you do not move out of the way; empathy goes right out of the door and sets the stage for disaster. 


Words to the wise

Please, “get your house in order!” Many families have not discussed their final wishes with loved ones, thus, causing families to fight among themselves because of the lack of planning. Remember,

  • It is never too early to get insurance, a preneed, or even set money aside. 
  • Check your parent’s and loved one’s insurances to make sure they are still valid.
  • All families should have at least one person who is trustworthy, mature, and driven to handle business. When there are too many people wanting to be in charge at the same time, nothing good ever comes out of it. When families should be grieving, they spend their time fighting. 

It is important to handle your business so that there is no confusion when that day comes. Regardless of the cost of the funeral, the family should still feel like they were treated with the best service available. 

The definition of a courageous man, simply put, is “ME.

Knowing first-hand what it takes to be a courageous man, he defines one as someone who can hold their head up even in the time of adversity and does the right thing even when it is not popular with others. The definition of a courageous man, simply put, is “ME.”

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